An Intro to My Other Blogs

This is not my first blog rodeo. I actually have two other blogs that I wanted to share with you before adding anything that is “Hot Mess” worthy. If you find yourself needing a good read, feel free to go and read some entries. Both blogs are via wordpress. Too much trouble to search for them? Have no fear, I have attached them in the About Me section and linked the sites to the headings. You’re welcome.

Mountains Worth The Valleys

When I was first diagnosed with my autoimmune disease, I feared that brain fog would take over one day and I would begin to forget all the amazing opportunities I’ve been blessed to experience. Someone mentioned writing a blog. I thought the idea was stupid, but decided to give it a go. Now, it’s a place I get to relive my adventures and provide the opportunity for armchair travellers to explore the world with me. I’ve been fortunate enough to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, struggle through the Himalayas, ride an unenthusiastic horse through Mongolia, and more.

Scam Tales

I admit, I love this blog. Yeah, yeah, I know I wrote it. But it’s like having kids…there is usually at least one that stands out (in a good way) a little more than the other (ask my mum, I was always the favorite–don’t tell my brother, though; I’d hate to hurt his feelings). At this point, I should probably point out that I do not have my own kids…I should probably NOT admit that I am a teacher.

Let me set the scene for you…years ago I was entering back into the dating scene and decided to attempt Tinder. Yep, that’s where I went wrong. Anyway, for some reason, I kept attracting men, who for some reason thought I was super rich and desperate. They would give me sob stories and eventually ask me for money. Now, if you really know me, you’ll know that this is funny because I like never have extra money. I’m a spender (by the way, anyone know of a sugar daddy–or as I like to call it, sugar sheikh because I live in sands of the Middle East–looking for an adorable hot mess?). Some of the stories were convincing, some were predictable. But instead of crying about it, I decided to share in the form of a blog. Unfortunately, I can’t write too much on there due to laws in the country I currently reside in, so I might add something on occasion. I admit, I do hope to sell the rights to the blog eventually because I think it lends itself to a really great script and story.

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I am an amateur writer, a writer who finds the process cathartic and relaxing. I love to travel and share my experiences. I don't write for anyone except for myself, but hope a few enjoy the story of my journeys :).

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