Exciting News to Share

Thank you to all who have read and followed this blog. I appreciate you. After trying to be disciplined and juggle three separate blogs (not very well, might I add), I decided to create a site where I can merge all three together into one. I am hoping I can manage this much more efficientlyContinue reading “Exciting News to Share”

A Journey into the Mind of a Hot Mess and Healing

Have you been there? Being your worst critic? Cutting yourself with words and more? Just having no self-worth? Yeah, I hear ya. I have been utterly horrible to myself. And the past few months have been just terrible…another level almost. I’ve felt like a horrible friend, person, teacher (don’t get me started on how I’veContinue reading “A Journey into the Mind of a Hot Mess and Healing”

Sports and Why They’re Not For Me

In American culture, sports are big. Many kids play a sport while growing up and sometimes continue to play throughout high school. Well, not me, but not because I didn’t try. Sports just aren’t for me. Allow me to share. Tennis In my little neighborhood, the city offered tennis lessons at its courts. The sameContinue reading “Sports and Why They’re Not For Me”

Tales from the Classroom

I have been working in education for 17 years. Yeah, I say that number and I have a hard time accepting it. Let me tell you why: When I was in my early 20’s, I wanted a career in fashion or writing or both. I was young and hopeful and living at home with myContinue reading “Tales from the Classroom”

A Not-So-Delightful Trip to the DMV

Over the winter holidays, I was able to travel back to the US to visit my family. A much needed and welcomed break. My mother is a wonderful assistant to me (relax, I’ve called her my assistant for years and she’s used to ignoring the comment). She makes all my necessary appointments for when I’mContinue reading “A Not-So-Delightful Trip to the DMV”

Family Conversations

Do you ever have conversations with family that just stand out? The ones where you look back on them, smile, and then laugh… I have an awesome family, and I like to think we’re pretty entertaining at times. Well, I’m sure they find me at least entertaining at times. My father was pretty quick witted,Continue reading “Family Conversations”

An Intro to My Other Blogs

This is not my first blog rodeo. I actually have two other blogs that I wanted to share with you before adding anything that is “Hot Mess” worthy. If you find yourself needing a good read, feel free to go and read some entries. Both blogs are via wordpress. Too much trouble to search forContinue reading “An Intro to My Other Blogs”