A Journey into the Mind of a Hot Mess and Healing

Have you been there? Being your worst critic? Cutting yourself with words and more? Just having no self-worth? Yeah, I hear ya. I have been utterly horrible to myself. And the past few months have been just terrible…another level almost. I’ve felt like a horrible friend, person, teacher (don’t get me started on how I’veContinue reading “A Journey into the Mind of a Hot Mess and Healing”

A Not-So-Delightful Trip to the DMV

Over the winter holidays, I was able to travel back to the US to visit my family. A much needed and welcomed break. My mother is a wonderful assistant to me (relax, I’ve called her my assistant for years and she’s used to ignoring the comment). She makes all my necessary appointments for when I’mContinue reading “A Not-So-Delightful Trip to the DMV”